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AJ Windows have an experienced team when it comes to designing and installing conservatories. If you are planning to add a conservatory to your home or business AJ Windows offer a full service from design to installation.

We have provided excellent conservatories to happy customers all around the Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester and Tewkesbury areas for many years. Initially we will help you choose your design from our amazing examples in our showroom. On placement of your order we will create the base construction required before fitting your chosen conservatory. As a local Gloucester company we pride ourselves on only using the best materials to suit your budget and only use our own trusted and experienced staff so you can be sure your conservatory project is in safe hands.

Only Ultraframe's conservatory roofs are good enough for us so you can be assured that the highest quality materials are being used when we build any of our conservatories.

Conservatories are a great addition to your home and are great for multiple uses such as: home office, games room, TV room, dining room, home gym or even just a room to relax and see the outdoors. Also by adding a conservatory to your home it will immediately increase the value of your property dramatically.

As a local company who has been established since 1999 we rely on word of mouth to promote our great reputation and feel there is no need for any high pressure salesmen. All our staff are happy to help and advise you.

There are many different types of conservatories that we have provided to our customers in the Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester and Tewkesbury areas, including:

  • Victorian Conservatories – The Victorian conservatory is great because you are able to change both the span and incline of the roofing panels to match the design that you require. There are also two styles of Victorian conservatories:
    • 3 Facet Victorian – This is a classic Victorian style conservatory, the style and shape is so versatile it can suit almost all types of properties.
    • 5 Facet Victorian – Similar to the 3 facet Victorian, however this one has two additional facets. This is ideal for adding large living spaces to your home and creates a greater curved/rounded look from the exterior.
  • Regency Conservatories – Over the years the choice of regency conservatories have become a very popular choice for our customers. If you are looking at maximising the space of your home then the regency conservatory is perfect for you. Also with the Regency conservatories you are able to have decorative glass so you can brighten up your room with wonderful colours.
  • Edwardian Conservatories – The Edwardian conservatories are a fantastic choice for people with both old and new properties. Many of the Edwardian conservatories give a spacious airy feel and are the perfect addition for any shape, style or type of home. Edwardian/Georgian are typified by a square or rectangular plan with an apexed roof.
  • Lean-To – This type of conservatory can also be known as a garden room, sun room or Mediterranean conservatory. These are more suitable for properties that have height restrictions such as bungalows.
  • Gable Front – A Gable Front conservatory is usually rectangular or square in style, a little like a Georgian conservatory. This style of conservatory maximises light coming into your room and adds distinct style whilst also adding height. They are typified by a square floor plan, with a steeply pitched roof.
  • P-Shape – A P-shape conservatory combines a mix of lean-to and Victorian styles, these are defined by a "P" shaped plan and an apexed roof, this is a great way to add a large conservatory to your home. As well as having a stylish curved front creating the "P" shape.
  • L-Shape – A L-shaped conservatory combines a mix of lean-to and Victorian styles, these are defined by a "L" shaped plan and an apexed roof, this is a great way to add a large conservatory to your home. As well as having a stylish curved front creating the "L" shape.
  • T-Shape – A T-shape conservatory works well in most homes as its central part comes out into your garden, thus giving the effect of bringing your garden into your home. The main projection of a T-shape conservatory can create a porch effect, therefore highlighting your doors leading out to your garden.
  • Corner Infill – A Corner In-Fill conservatory is the best way to utilise outside space that is unused, to build you need two external walls at a right angle to each other. This can work out a very cost effective way of having a conservatory added to your house.

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